Hemley Skate Team

Ben Lawrie:

Anyone who visited Lincoln Square in Melbourne over the last five years is pretty much guaranteed to have witnessed Ben River Lawrie, aka: ‘Lincoln Child’ blessing the plaza with his ruthless control on the ledges. Now the plaza is gone, Ben has taken what he has learned at Lincoln and has applied his insane skills to gritty spots around Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Shanae Collins:

Shanae Collins has been skating her own way since she was a kid. Fast, hard, aggressive—her style and passion have placed her on track for the 2020 Olympics. She's one of the toughest chicks in skating, making it through broken bones, lost friends, and the lack of support offered to female skaters.

Digby Luxton

Digby is one of the funnest guys to skate with, With a huge grin on his face at all times and insane talent on the board, it is impossible not to notice the Kiwi expat out on the streets.

Casey Foley

NZ expat Casey 'Duckman' Foley has been killing it in Australia for over a decade, he mixes power and style to unique spots to create lines and tricks not an ordinary skateboarder can achieve. He is constantly releasing this amazing content and shows no sign of slowing down which is what makes him one of my favorites of all time.
- Digby Luxton

Corey Leso

Corey has a very unique approach to his skateboarding. As much as he is gnarly, he is technical, creative and incredibly smooth. This combination has lead him to being on of the best skateboarders in the country.

Ben Hermans

Ben is seriously one of a kind. When he isn't absolutely killing it on the board, he can be found in less fortunate parts of the world building skateparks and shooting amazing photos. Click here to learn more about the legend.


Matt Beck

Matt Beck is straight up do or die. He has done some of the gnarliest tricks in Melbourne and taken some of the heaviest slams we have ever seen. His confidence on the board is truly inspiring.


Tim Williams

Watching the San Diego expat skate in real life is actually mind blowing. His pop is reminiscent of Reece Forbes whilst skating fast like Omar Salazar. Click here to learn more about Gucci Buck Tim.

Ben Frank

If we were living in the year 2000, Benny boy would be out in San Francisco giving the Pier 7 locals a run for their money. Ben's ability to skate a ledge at full speed is incredible. We are honored to have him riding for the shop.

Jack Vandermaat:

If you skate Brunswick Skatepark or Fitzroy bowl often, you have most likely bumped into this absolute powerhouse. Jack skates transition mostly but can also take his skills to the streets.



Adelaide Norris:

Adelaide is at the forefront of female street skating in Australia and is showing no signs of slowing down. She is tough as nails and has a solid bag of tricks.